To do in Corona times

The corona virus has changed many people’s everyday lives. Many are working from home and many avoid being among people as much as possible. With this, many have a lot of time over and more time with family. I’ve heard that some may think this is boring, and I’m sure it can be if you have nothing to do.

With a little imagination there is so many things to do and I have made a list with some ideas.

1. Spend a lot of time outdoors – The weather is getting better and most of us have a forest nearby. The forest is a great place for walking, running, working out, playing, fika and just enjoy the nature. The City of Gothenburg has a lot of information on its website about outdoor activities that you can do.

2. Get started with training – Set goals and get in your best shape ever. There are plenty of home workout videos on our Youtube channel and on our website and if you want a training program made for your goals and need help with it, let us know.

3. Spend time with family – There is a lot you can do such as being out in the forest, cooking together, baking, playing board games, working out, etc. Be creative and let the kids decide sometimes.

4. Sign up for an online course – Learn something new that you might not otherwise have time for.

5. Reading – I’m sure you have a pile of books and magazines that you would otherwise not have time for.

6. Cook delicious and healthy food. This doesn’t have to take more time than cooking fast food, but now may be the time to really develop your cooking skills.

7. When you’re done with training, personal development, playing, and work, there are always really good series to check out.

Keep in mind that it will not be like this forever. Try to see the positives and fill the days with small, fun, useful activities and try to set some new habits that you can continue with even in the future.

Enjoy and Stay Safe!

Peter S